12 Best Closing Songs On Hard Rock Albums

Some last tracks are the perfect finale...

Wikimedia Commons

Hard rock music has always been about the album experience. Though fans across the world flock to the big singles off of these records, you don't get the real taste of rock's power until you get to the hour-long juggernaut of music. With the amount of time people invest in their favorite records, you always want it to leave you with a good ending.

There are also many ways to do this. While many bands save the punchiest tracks for the finale, other bands have left their audience with a slower cut to bring everything to a smooth conclusion. Either way, the closing track always has to stand out as something more than just another track on the record. Love it or hate it, this is the song that will leave the final impression with the listener, so you have to put your all into it if you want to keep your audience coming back for more.

Much like the movie business is, most listeners can handle a bad opening, but a bad ending to an album is nearly unforgivable. However, many true masters of their craft have come to the forefront to give us some of the greatest final bows the rock world has ever seen.


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