12 Best Cult Hard Rock Albums Of The 90s

The 90s' unheralded masterpieces.

Vertigo Comics

From a hard rock fan's perspective, it's easy to look back at the 90's with rose-colored glasses. At every turn, it seemed like a new innovation was happening with each respective member wiping out the one before. While metal was coming to the end of its golden age, the alternative and grunge scenes were pumping out some of their best work.

Over time, the great classics of this period tend to bubble up to the surface, becoming staples of the rock genre as a whole. However, there have been other albums that have been met with mild praise of revulsion in their heyday and have eventually fallen into obscurity. Though most of these albums are just seen as musical footnotes nowadays, there is some genuine greatness to be had across all of these records.

Part of what makes these albums great is the band's desire to take risks, although with varying degrees of success. Even though some of these albums are far from the best these bands have to offer, there are still amazing moments that show these musicians flexing their artistic muscles in a healthy way. Here are the cult favorites that deserve to be more than just stop gaps in between the classics.


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