12 Best Ever Hard Rock Riffs

Rock's Greatest Musical Pieces.


When it comes to structuring a hard rock song, it all comes down to the riff. You could have a great set of chords or a fantastic solo in the bridge, but the song really lives or dies on whether or not the riff is great. While it's a bit difficult to come up with a little musical piece that ties everything together, these bands have shown just how much power you can get out of a few notes.

From the early days of rock to the more modern stripes of hard rock music, there have always been riffs that have pummeled you with just how much sonic presence they have. Sure, some of them might be pulling from the blues tradition or sound a bit rudimentary, but the actual drive behind these licks lie all in the attitude that the guitarists put into them.

You would think that these musical bits repeated incessantly for 5 minutes would get tedious, but these are the kind of musical ideas that get under your skin and refuse to go away for years. Even if these songs bring the best out of all the players, these riffs are the reason that the guitar is the essential hard rock voice.

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