12 Best Hard Rock Drum Solos

The Beating Hearts of Rock and Roll.


Whenever you talk about the best musicians in hard rock, more often than not that honor goes to the guitar player. Though there have been great musicians of every stripe in the hard rock world, many people just want to focus on the guy who's pumping out the riffs. On the other hand, any hard rock fan knows you build a build a great tune from the drums outward.

While many guitar players are musical marvels with their melodic phrasing, it's even harder to get people moving with an instrument that only relies on percussion. When these drummers got behind the kit though, they showed the world that you didn't need to be able to write melodies to be a great musician.

Each of these solos have some degree of finesse, but they also seem to serve a different purpose in each instance. Some may open the song while some may be just breaks in the tension, but the actual showmanship on display here cannot be denied. These not only ended up providing the perfect counterpoint to the guitar freakout, but also inspired legions of drummers to pick up a pair of sticks and bash away on their pillows. The drummer may get a bad rap as the dumb one in the group, but these solos show there is a method to their madness.


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