12 Best Screamo Metal Bands Of All Time

Be careful, it might get a little loud!


If there's anything worth taking away from the early 2000's, it's the heavy music scene. A new wave of bands quickly rose to fame, bringing a more aggressive kind of music to the airwaves. Bands found a way to introduce a much more melodic vibe to the death metal genre and as a result, could be played on regular rock channels.

Ask anyone about about the year 2004 and you will be faced with stories of MySpace, horrific fashion and music. Thankfully, the fashion faded away and MySpace lost the social media war to Facebook, but the music carried on. Some of the best bands of that year are still rocking today, even if some of them have strayed away from their original sound.

The years after spawned countless copycats. Some did well, some are embarrassing footnotes on a genre that has otherwise been strong. All the bands on this list have had strong careers for over ten years and have reached levels of success they couldn't have dreamt of when they started out.

12. Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die have been giving us riff after riff for over twenty years now. The New York quintet are currently recording their ninth album, due for release in 2020. Categorised by their strong southern rock elements and intelligent lyrics, the group are often referred to as icons of the genre.

Things really stepped up in 2003 with the release of ‘Hot Damn!’. The second effort blew critics and fans away with the unique sound and hilarious music videos. The video for ‘Ebolarama’ even scored a nomination for Best Metal Video of the New Millennium by MTV. The group toured relentlessly in support of the album, until recording for the follow up began in 2005.

Gutter Phenomenon was highly praised at release, with fans still calling it their best work to date. Lead single ‘Kill The Music’ found regular airplay on radio and TV, thanks in part to a feature from Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. Since then, the group have put out nothing but bangers and built a large following throughout the world.

Outside of the music, guitarist Andy Williams has recently joined the world of pro-wrestling. Finding success in smaller matches, Williams made his debut with AEW in late 2019 as part of the trio, ‘The Butcher, The Blade and The Bunny’. Vocalist Keith Buckley is a published author and writer at Comedy Central, with his brother and guitarist Jordan enjoying a successful art career and clothing line.

The band have spent the last few years hosting an annual festival in their home town of Buffalo. Starting out as an annual Christmas concert, the experience has grown year to year into a weekend showcase of music, extreme sports and wrestling.


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