12 Greatest Ever Hard Rock Solo Artists

Ozzy didn't always need Sabbath...


Hard rock has always been a band-centric genre. Given the amount of volume that you need to put into every single speaker, it's always best to be known as a collective rather than just one single entity. Then again, some artists are so talented that they can often do just as well on their own.

Of course, solo artists can come from all sorts of different places. Whereas many artists rise to the forefront from the ashes of another band, some have launched their own fully-fledged band and put their name on it rather than assigning a creative name. At the same time, bands have come to the forefront who started out as a collective group, but the focus quickly shifted into one person's beast over time.

Sometimes, a band even finds it easier to slap a name on their project rather than take all the spotlight for themselves, which has led to a "solo" effort that features more collaborative elements. Regardless of which way, shape, or form, these acts have given the rock world their fair share of thrashings without having to ask for help from their cronies.

It seems a daunting task, but sometimes, you CAN make it on your own.


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