12 Greatest Nu-Metal Bands Of All Time

Alright partner, keep on rollin' baby, you know what time it is...


It’s fair to say that ‘Nu Metal’ is quite a divisive music genre. It was often panned and mocked by music critics but did manage to find a devoted and passionate audience.

But what exactly is ‘Nu Metal’?

At times it has been used as a tenuous label assigned to bands that don’t neatly fit into a designated genre. The most common definition describes it as a sub-genre of heavy metal that explores elements of other genres, namely hip-hop and rap.

The Nu Metal movement seemingly came out of nowhere and managed to infiltrate the mainstream music charts in the late 90s and early 2000s, but then inexplicably vanished from the charts almost as quickly as it arrived.

A number of bands from the scene have managed to continue finding success in the charts, although many of them have tweaked their sound and moved away from the Nu Metal genre.

Whether you loved or hated the genre, any angsty teen from the noughties will definitely be able to remember some of these iconic Nu Metal bands.


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