12 Hard Rock Band Members Who Switched Instruments

Dave Grohl and the Multi-Talented Headbangers of Rock...

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Most people can spend an entire lifetime mastering an instrument. With each passing year, these musicians work diligently until they have fully mastered their craft. At the same time, some musicians have found it just as easy to take on other instruments other than their main gig.

Over the long span of rock history, bands have come to the forefront where musicians switch up their usual style by taking on a different instrument. This could include anything from guitarists switching over to bass to drummers stepping up to the mic. Normally this freespirited kind of behavior would lead to some pretty rough musical ventures, but these artists have proved to be just as savvy behind other instruments.

In addition to using them within the confines of their band, some of these performers have even found ways to flex their musical muscles with other groups. Being an artist in every sense of the word, these musicians are the rare performers who can take what they hear in their head and translate it seemlessly onto any instrument of their choice. Even if it's not what you'd normally think of, these guys can blow us away no matter what they decide to pick up.

12. Zakk Wylde - Ozzy Osbourne/Black Label Society

Many people probably know Zakk Wylde for his time playing for the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne. After losing touch with guitarist Jake E. Lee, Osbourne found Wylde while searching through the New Jersey scene and used him to plot his comeback on albums like No More Tears.

However, as the years dragged on, Wylde's star power and endless charisma started to become too big to be just a supporter for Ozzy. While originally forming the bluesier outfit Pride and Glory, things fully settled into place once Wylde formed Black Label Society. This marked the very first time Wylde stepped up to the mic rather than playing off a strong vocal presence...and he didn't miss a beat.

From the infectious riffs he could still deliver to the lion's roar of a voice hanging in the back of his throat, Wylde struck out as a powerful presence in his own right. Since then, Wylde has been to flex his singing chops consistently in BLS, while also finding the time to reunite with his adopted metal father on occasion. It would have been great if Wylde had soldiered on with Ozzy, but it could have come at the cost of one of the most beefy metal bands working today.


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