12 Hard Rock Bands Who Succeeded By Never Selling Out

7. Rush

Rush have been one of those bands who have covered just about everything that rock has to offer. Ever since their more humble blues rock beginnings, this power trio took their sound into places no other artist would have thought to go, which broke the mold for later acts down the road.

From the word go, Neil Peart has said that there's no such thing as a genre of music that doesn't suit Rush, and that theory was put to the test on many occasions. One could argue that the band started to become more new wave in the 80's with various synthesizers, but even that sonic departure felt like a natural progression given the band's prog rock epics.

Whenever the musical landscape was shifting beneath their feet, the band always marched to the beat of their own drum and chose to make the music they wanted to make regardless of whether it was popular. This led to the band creating their own rabid fanbase which has remained some of the most faithful in the history of rock and roll. Throughout their career, it seems that Rush have rode the crest of the mainstream without ever having to dive headfirst into the changing tide.


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