12 Most Hated Hard Rock Albums (From Great Bands)

When genius goes astray...


As time passes, bands tend to build a certain reputation with their fans. Where most acts tend to fall apart after lackluster releases, the best of the bunch tend to impress their audience time and time again with fantastic albums. On the other hand, no musician is perfect and every great act is bound to run out of steam sooner or later.

Stemming from lack of ideas, misguided reinventions, or just bad foundations, these albums have burned many hard rock fans throughout history. Instead of settling the listener into a pummeling hard rock groove, these albums have run the gamut from fan's outright anger to incessantly boring them. These records tend to fall into obscurity or are known as the pariah of these bands' back catalogs.

Though all of these albums have gone through the ringer more than a few times, not all of the records are horrible from start to finish. Sure, they might have some moments that are ill-advised for sure, but the greatness of these bands still shine through the cracks of some of these sonic blemishes. These are the albums that have left many hard rock fans feeling betrayed and many hard rock bands scrambling for course correction.


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