12 Most Hated Hard Rock Songs (On Great Albums)

The songs skip buttons were made for...


For the world of hard rock, there are certain albums that you can just depend on. Even if your taste fluctuates beyond the heavier sphere of music, one listen to these records will make you fall in love with rock and roll all over again. That being said, no album is absolutely perfect.

Of all the albums that have become modern classics, there are some tracks that just stick out like a sore thumb amidst all the other great tunes. These could be filler, interludes, or even just weird experiments that the band tried without much success. Hell, there are even times where bands have tried to recapture a sound from their early days and just falling on their face.

Does that mean that these albums don't deserve to be loved. Hell no. The crux of these albums have a solid foundation, and even these lowlights help to give each record a certain character. None of these tracks are going to make these bands' best-of lists, but they deserve to be discussed as something that the band felt was worthy of inclusion. Some fans may not be able to stand these songs, but that just reinforces the power behind the classic tracks standing right


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