12 PERFECT Hard Rock Albums With No Bad Songs

All Killer, No Filler.

Van Halen Van Halen
Warner Bros.

It's stretching to say any music is perfect. No matter how much greatness is on a particular album, there's always a few tracks that some rock fans just aren't able to get behind. That being said, you'd be hard pressed to find any problems with some of these cuts.

Once you hit play on any of these records, there's absolutely no need to hit the skip button when listening from track to track. Sure, there may be lifts in the overall mood of the record, but those softer moments only reinforce the more hard hitting moments down the line.

Do all of these records feature god-like levels of playing? Not necessarily. Are they going to transcend the world of rock as we know it? Probably not. These albums are perfect in the sense that you wouldn't want to change a single thing on the track listing.

From the running order down to the last little guitar squeal, every single aspect of these records seem to be in the right place. There may be better musicians laced throughout the rock sphere, but none that have been able to capture the absolute magic that these records have been able to do.

12. Ten - Pearl Jam

Out of all the bands to come out of the grunge movement, Pearl Jam seemed to be the one most in tune with the hard rock of old. While Nirvana's Nevermind may have been the initial breakthrough for the alternative sound, Pearl Jam's Ten was what launched the genre into the cultural force it is now.

The beauty about this album was its perfect blend of old rock tendencies under a new aesthetic. The entire record had all the trappings of a normal grunge outfit, down to the introspective lyrics and the depressing subject matters, but there was also an air about these riffs that made them hauntingly familiar. They may have been new for the time, but each of these riffs seem to be direct descendents of the greatest rock and roll ever made, from the Who to Led Zeppelin to even Aerosmith.

Instead of the typical party lyrics, each of these tracks deals with more serious subject matters, from the broken family in the middle of "Alive" to the breakup of "Black" to the teen suicide of "Jeremy." The record may not be the most high-spirited record you've ever heard, but every one of these tunes will have you feeling the emotion all the way through.


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