12 Raunchiest Music Videos Of All Time

Controversial and drenched in sex one and all.

Sex sells. And there is nothing like a raunchy music video to go along with your song to propel it high into the charts. Fans have already proved themselves to be suckers for raunchy videos: partly because that sweet, old fashioned pervery, and also because it genuinely represents a challenge to video film directors in how they translate the raunchiness of the song into a visual medium. It is an art form. It would seem that Hip Hop has the edge when it comes to raunchy videos. Following Ludacris' P Poppin' and Nelly's Tipdrill Remix videos, the raunch factor would struggle to be turned up any higher without veering into out and out pornography. To be honest, it can't be long until this happens as a mainstream thing. But that would be a mistake: nothing so blatant would ever be as appealing as the power of suggestion or the odd peek of a nipple. Nobody needs full on sex: it's just too overwhelming. The videos included here have a high raunch quotient, which makes them fascinating to watch, as well as being completely erotic. Some are very naughty and others are more suggestive, but the simple unifying detail is their commitment to sexiness....
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