12 Things That Prove Taylor Swift Is In The Illuminati

You knew she was trouble.

How does a good ol€™ gal from Reading, Pennsylvania go from being a fledgling country star, with heart full of dreams and a real knack for picking a killer cowboy boot and floral knee dress combo, to one of the most influential and popular performers of the last twenty-five years? The lamestream media would have you believe that it€™s because of a combination of her dedication to her craft, some cracking singles, her carefully honed €˜kooky but sexy friend of an older sister€™ persona, some very savvy choices of creative collaborators, and a bullish confidence in her own ability to do pop well. However, if you've been paying attention, it's actually someone a lot more sinister. Swifty's really one of the newest members of the shadowy cabal of hucksters, druids and all-round bad folk known as the Illuminati. The evidence is there, scattered throughout her videos, albums and life at large. Wake up sheeple.
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