12 Things Only David Bowie Fans Understand

One of the biggest household-names in music history...but he doesn't half have a fanbase just as quirkily unique as him.

David Bowie evokes an adoration in people rarely seen for other entertainers. It's true that he's a highly significant figure in modern music and all that jazz, and even people who might not enjoy his music will objectively appreciate his talent. But the constant magazine features, the tribute albums, the homages in popular culture everywhere you look, the way the whole world freaked out when our collective prayers were answered and he made a surprise return in January last year is testament to more than that; it demonstrates that being a fan of David Bowie is a pretty damn intense thing. So imagine our horror when those strange non-fans pronounce 'Bowie' wrong, or tell us how much they love that grunge song about a guy selling the world. Perhaps they've never even considered that it might be fun to get out some face paints and go crazy with the lightning bolts. Imagine that! If you love Bowie, you can probably relate to the following 12 things:

12. The Horror When People Say 'I Just Don't *Get* David Bowie

10bowiegifs4 Gif Either let me help you with that, or leave. I'm serious.

11. Actively Seeking Out Everything He's Ever Acted In - Even The Obscure Stuff

10bowielabyrinth Gif Bowie even had a role in a little-known Italian Western in the 1990s - google it.

10. When People Express That They Are Of The Belief That There Are 'Similarities' Between Lady Gaga And David Bowie

Bowie You High1 Gif Heavy borrowing from one artist's image by another certainly does not indicate that any form of comparison between the actual musical stylings can be made.
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