12 Times Taylor Swift Melted Your Cold Heart

Because if you're not infatuated with Taylor Swift then you probably need professional help.

With the release of 1989 earlier this year, Taylor Swift has proven herself as one of the most successful and sought after artists of the decade, if not forever and always. She may have experienced some bad blood along the way, but now everything has changed and she surely no longer has teardrops on guitar. Having nearly ousted Britney for her first week sales record, we can be sure that Taylor's going to stay stay stay, and thank god. Despite early criticism that she just should€™ve said no to her public relationships, Taylor Swift and they are never ever getting back together and she has maintained her extremely dedicated fan base and risen to become untouchable by being one of the nicest people around. Her truly adorable confusion and subsequent baby steps when using social media outlets such as Twitter and Tumblr has enchanted the internet, and she treats her fans as if this was a movie and they€™d been friends for years. It€™s clear that she has a perfectly good heart who deserves her wildest dreams. She may occasionally err on the side of sad beautiful tragic, but Taylor managed to shake it off, and has gone from being serial-dating bit of a joke, to world-conquering, confidence-boosting, cookie-recipe-sharing superstar who's really earned herself a place in this world. Long live Taylor Swift.

12. #TBT Taylor

Pictures of famous people as children are always enjoyable. Whether it€™s cheek-squishingly adorable Kurt Cobain or weirdly gawky Angelina Jolie, it€™s always comforting to know that these superstars are people too, and potentially came from a very humble place. Taylor Swift is absolutely no exception. To honour her almost-record-breaking first week album sales with 1989, she posted a throwback photo of herself from the last time an album sold as many records in its first week which, FYI, was Eminem€™s The Eminem Show in 2002 if you fancy feeling slightly elderly. Isn€™t baby Taylor a treat? With her cornrows and wonky baby teeth she€™s almost unrecognisable as the lipsticked goddess we know now, so don€™t fret, anxious mothers and insecure teens, your awkward looking children (and selves) still have hope for a swan-like transformation!
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