13 Bands You Didn't Realise Were One Album Wonders

Measure twice, cut once.

From Blair Witch 2 to Donald Trump Jr, sequels aren't always a good thing. As a result there€™s a litany of films, albums and spinoffs out there that really struggled with their sophomore effort. But what happens when you stick the landing so hard with your first attempt that you just walk away because there€™s obviously no need to bother trying to do it again. Measure twice, cut once mentality. I should make it clear, this isn€™t a list of bands and musicians who only made one great album and a load of tat across their musical career, this is a list for those who made one great album period. These are music€™s mayflies who for reasons ranging from drugs, deaths and dependencies all the way to just plain old boredom with the music industry only have one full length album to their name. These musicians are hitting 1-for-1 in their lifetime; these are the guys and girls who are currently batting a thousand in the music world. Here are thirteen bands who nailed it so completely with their first try that they've taken the normally disparaging "one album wonder" tag and worn it like a badge of honour. Sometimes all you need to do is sit back and let plaudits roll in, without ever bothering to do a second one.
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