13 Great Songs About Death

In life, only birth, death and taxes are guaranteed. Yet only one of these are actually interesting.


News of a slightly inconvenient nature: death is inevitable. Sorry if that has put a dampener on your afternoon tea but that's just how it is. It's a topic that has rightfully garnered a lot of discussion and opinion; some believing that there is an afterlife, others in reincarnation (some suggest the existence of ghosts) and then there are the cheery lot that think it's eternal darkness as worms eat your eyes.

Musicians have lent their thoughts on all aspects of this phenomena, from hypothesising what comes after to the grim detail of sending someone to their end. Though it is typically associated with the likes of death metal and black metal, many a mainstream popstar have lent their voices to mortality, whether through clever symbolism and metaphor, or being Iggy Pop and singing a song called 'We're All Gonna Die'.

The more tactful of artists can manipulate death via their craft. They can romanticise it, laugh at it. They can show you how it felt to lose their own loved one, empower you through stories of sacrifice or excite with horror chronicles of murder. The subject of death often helps make these titans of private jets and massive fortunes appear more human, as not even they can escape the Reaper's clutches...

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