13 Things You Should Be Listening To ArcTanGent Special!

ArcTanGent Festival As previously promised, I've been far more punctual with my insistent harassing of you with new music to listen to these past couple of weeks. Well, more punctual than usual, what with the previous 13 Things You Should Be Listening To, the Things You Should Be Listening To Downloadspecial and then the Things You Should Be Listening To Reading and Leeds edition that you've got to enjoy so far this summer. Which, by the way, you should totally still read for the music even though the festivals are over. And so, here we are again, already, with another example of how I value my own opinion far too much, as we sign off this summer quadrilogy, keeping in line with the main theme of festival season, with 13 Things You Should Be Listening To ArcTanGent Special. A festival that will be enjoying its debut this very end of August weekend. From the team behind 2000 Trees Festival (plus friends), ArcTanGent is designed to be a celebration of all that's experimental and out there on the alternative and underground music scene. In that spirit then, here I am celebrating the very same by picking the picks of the litter of ArcTanGent's line up for the benefit of all those going, but more so for all those that aren't, as it's a small festival, to check out and get immersed in. WhatCulture have been given press access this weekend, so we'll be sure to be getting immersed ourselves. Now, check this lot of lovelies out, in no particular order.
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