13 Things You Should Be Listening To Right Now!

deafheaven 13 things you should listen to Previously, on Morgan Roberts' €˜Things You Should Be Listening To Right Now!€™ as brought to you by What Culture. RECAP. If you caught the recap I linked just then, you€™ll notice that I started the last instalment of these features (see; my insisting you listen to my opinions for the benefit of your own), with an apology for it having-been-a-long-time-since-I-had-prior-forced-myself-upon-you-with-new-things-to-listen-to. Something you€™ll note that, in a roundabout way, I am doing again here. So, sorry for the absenteeism and sorry for repeating material €“ you deserver better. Here I am though, with a new batch of bands, singer-songwriters, artists, etc. whatever, for you to enjoy. Due to my not being around much, I actually have quite the backlog of things you really should be listening to (right now!), and for this reason I€™m going to be a bit more frequent with my pestering you now, by way of apology; I know I didn€™t make your birthday, and I missed your big game/dance recital/spelling bee/other American cliché despite my being Welsh, but I swear, things are going to be different now. Me and your €˜mom€™ are getting on a lot better now, and I€™m unemployed (and between years in university); I€™ve got all the time in the world for you. Anyway, in no particular order, enjoy with open minds and ears. (Includes two celebrity guest entries)
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