14 Best Synthwave Albums You MUST Listen To

A crash-course in one of the most exciting genres in music.


Nowadays most people associate "electronic music" with dance music, EDM or god help us, dubstep. But one genre, deeply rooted in nostalgia, has been making a resurgence in recent years. Taking inspiration from the neon lights and futurism of the 80's, synthwave is the throwback to a classic era of science fiction-inspired times.

For the uninitiated, synthwave is heavily inspired by the works and scores of mostly 80's films and games. Soundtracks for classics like Blade Runner, Terminator, as well as John Carpenter's catalogue of work have their roots in synthwave music.

Genre stalwarts like Kavinsky and Justice are often attributed as more pop-orientated acts, whereas Carpenter Brut and Perturbator follow the more "darkwave" route: sinister, heavier tones that pay tribute to 80's slasher flicks.

With so many artists and albums out there, it may be a bit overwhelming. But stick with us, as we look at some of the best ones out there at the moment - those that will make you feel like you've gone to a world of neon lights and cyborgs.

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