15 Bardcore Covers You Need To Listen To

15. Dragostea Din Tei (Numa Numa) (Medieval Cover)

Made famous by one of the earliest viral YouTube videos, Dragoste Din Tei is commonly refereed to as the Numa Numa song. Created by a Modovan band, it's an internet classic so it should be of no surprise that it's one of the first songs to be translated to the medieval style. It lends itself surprisingly well to the genre.

Unlike the original song, the Bardcore version is much more peaceful and calming. It's use of strings is really nice and the song is somehow able to still pay tribute to the original while also standing on it's own. While it is a shame there are no lyrics to accompany the video there is always a chance a dedicated fan may add their own.

The art of the video seems to be some sort of flying kite, which is a nice homage to the original music video which sees the band flying around in a plane as they sing. To be quite honest the original music video is worth checking out too.

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