15 Best Radio 1 Live Lounge Covers

radio 1 live lounge Over 500 artists have played radio1€™s Live Lounge. Starting on Jo Whiley's morning radio show it has become a fixture on the slot, being passed down to Fearne Cotton and currently Sara Cox. The best of current artists have played their own hit and their own interpretation of a chart hit, usually one very different to their genre. Some don€™t take it very serious (See the recent Queen Of The Stone Age cover of Blurred Lines) but some make a cheap pop song and make it rather good. Here's 15 that are worth your time...

15. Adele - Promise This (Originally by Cheryl Cole)

The second she opened her mouth to sing this it became an Adele track. Originally an upbeat pop song the lyrics have a similar theme to Adele€™s own work, the mortality driven lyrics you barely notice on the original are prominent here. The tribal beat is still there but the dance elements have been replaced with classic backing vocals and violins. Adele claims she covered this because €˜Cheryl is her favourite person ever€™, She can€™t like her that much because she really showed her up on this cover. She has also covered The Stroke's Last Nite.

14. Jamie T - If I Were A Boy (Originally by Beyonce)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kja0Bf_wkSg Beyonce covers are notoriously difficult but Jamie T made this an acoustic ballad as far from the original as he could. Changing the lyrics to €˜I am that boy€™ he agrees with Knowles that boys are actually a**holes and that they don€™t deserve the love of a great woman. The subtlety on this track, which is almost a reply to the original, is a surprise from the normally rapping artist. He earlier did a cover of When the Night Feels My Song by Bedouin Soundclash.
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