15 Greatest Queen Songs Of All Time

Which Queen tracks are the champions?

queen bohemian rhapsody

There are plenty of rock bands whose music has lasted from generation to generation, and will continue to do so - from the Beatles, to the Rolling Stones, to Led Zeppelin - and Queen is certainly no exception. Initially started by guitarist Brian May joined by drummer Rodger Taylor as the band Smile, they would eventually become Queen once they found their lead singer in Freddie Mercury and their bassist John Deacon.

The group would create a plethora of tunes, so many of which have become ingrained into pop culture, making it nearly impossible not to know at least one of their tunes or not have a favorite Queen song.

But of their 15 studio albums and their wide range of songs from them, which ones stand out as the best?

Selecting them is no easy feat, and this could easily be a Top 50, but to spare you all from having to read too much I’ll narrow that down to 15...

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