10 Most Criminally Underrated Alter Bridge Songs You Must Hear

There's SO much more to them than just Metalingus.

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Every AB fan has been there. You're sat, talking about which bands are on tour or who's worth listening to, and you point out Alter Bridge or Tremonti, the latter being guitarist Mark Tremonti's speed metal solo outfit.

A resounding, Starlord-shocking "Who?!" comes back, and it's only when you start mentioning the likes of ex-wrestler Edge's theme song Metalingus, the ferocious rock chart-slaying Isolation or the Best Guitar Solo of All Time award-winning Blackbird, that people go "Ohhh, those guys."

Yes, 'those guys'. Those guys who just happen to be some of the most hard working and thoroughly talented chaps in the music industry. Those guys who since day one, have continually produced some of the finest hard rock and metal tracks of the past decade.

Those guys, who right now are gearing up for nothing less than their fifth album, one that's sure to blow our collective AB-embossed socks off yet again, as if there's one thing Alter Bridge always do, it's impress like no one else.

So, in preparation for what's to come, let's take a trip down memory lane. Some of the following tracks will be familiar to those who know their Coeur d'Alenes from their Ahavo Rabo Taco Salads, but for the rest of the hard rocking populace, you all need to catch up!

10. Peace Is Broken

2013's Fortress released at a time when the band were truly hitting another level of exposure. Tremonti's self-titled solo project was going down a storm with the heavier crowd, and Myles had been hand-picked by Slash himself to aid in all sorts of tours, recording sessions and occasional Guns n' Roses tribute appearances.

As such, the album itself may have had some of their most accomplished and technical compositions so far, but it was only Addicted to Pain and the epic Cry of Achilles that received a wider push.

And that's a shame, because Peace is Broken whips up a storm that Aquaman himself would have a hard time controlling. From the machinegun clatter of its opening snare drum smashes, to Tremonti's tightly-picked descending riff and the angelic solo that takes the chorus melody and pushes it even higher, Peace is Broken is a midpoint slammer that reminds you the band's foot is firmly on the gas pedal.

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