15 Most Underrated Hard Rock Singers EVER

Serj Tankian and Rock's overlooked belters...


It's almost become a cliche to pick out all the nuances of hard rock vocals. While the riffs may vary from one band to the next, most people think that all a singer needs to get by is the ability to carry a tune and scream their lungs out to get famous. It's a bit more complicated than that though.

Even though many singers have rose to prominence in the genre with their bellowing vocals, there are also a slew of vocalists who never seemed to get mentioned alongside the greats. This may be because of their prowess on other instruments or their unique approach to songwriting, but the actual tone that they get from their voice is absolutely spellbinding.

Some of these acts have even gotten lambasted by critics for their horrid vocal delivery, but what these connoisseurs of music are missing out on are some of the most awe-inspiring performances in the hard rock genre. It's time to take a bit of a deeper dive through the hard rock vocalists that lie in between all the belters. Chances are you may even find your new favorite singer lurking just beyond the horizon. Listen up and hear it for yourself.


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