15 Popular Albums You Didn't Realise Turn Ten In 2015

Yes, it's been that long since you first heard "My Humps".

Interscope Records

It's odd how quickly time can pass. Suddenly, something that was once brand new is covered with a layer of dust as whatever is "in" starts to push it back into the depths of history. This can come as quite a shock: where did all that time go, and how did it go so fast? How is this thing that you hold so dear suddenly... old?

When you love an album, it seems timeless. Every time you listen to this favourite album, it will strike up feelings with in you, bringing back a flood of memories in the process. It might make you happy or perhaps a bit sad; you might remember it as the soundtrack to your youth or as the thing that helped you through harder times. But what you rarely consider is just how long it has been since you first heard those songs, and since they first crept into your heart - and, before you know it, one, five, even ten years can have passed.

2005: though it might feel like yesterday, it has actually been a full decade since we all dated papers with "05," since YouTube published its first video, and since these fifteen beloved albums came out. Ten whole years since Fall Out Boy crashed into the mainstream. Ten whole years since Kanye West lamented a troublesome gold digger, and ten whole years since Mariah Carey riffed her way to a major comeback... the list goes on.

Feel the nostalgia yet?

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