15 Most Pulse-Pounding Motörhead Tracks

With 22 albums under their belt Motörhead are one of the most influential bands of all time, responsible for the very state of heavy music in 2014.

After recently cancelling their European tour for the second time it is obvious that Lemmy Kilmister, one of the immortal gods of rock n' roll, is finally paying the price for a life of hard living and the herculean consumption of his beloved Jack Daniels. Are the last 40 years finally catching up with him? Lemmy is a bonafide living legend, revered by his peers and loved by his legions of fans. In the annals of rock history very few can compete with his undying commitment to loud music and defiantly raising the middle finger to social airs and graces; Lemmy does want he wants and he wants to rock 'n' roll, at any cost. Motörhead were formed in 1975 when Lemmy was fired from space-rockers Hawkwind for apparently 'taking the wrong drugs' (seriously), and his response was to form Motörhead, a band who pursued a raucous, speed-obsessed rock 'n' roll path. 22 albums later and Motörhead are still with us. This could easily have lead to overkill (pun completely intended) but Motörhead have remained so gloriously committed to their cause and so blissfully blasé of trends that their familiarity has turned them into an institution; the living embodiment of the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' adage. Here's hoping Lemmy regains his health soon and jumps back on the iron horse, we need our annual dose of Motörhead touring the UK and pummelling our guts with his bowel-shaking bass, raspy, whisky-ravaged vocals and inimitable stage presence. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and soak up the following 15 tracks which should raise your pulse to heart-breaking, chest-pounding levels!
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