20 Best Classic Rock Guitar Riffs Of All Time

20. School's Out - Alice Cooper

When Alice Cooper first gained traction in the late 60's, his grand vision of shock rock was an absolute jolt to the hard rock world. However, if Cooper wanted to really explode, he needed to find something that could cross genre boundaries and relate to people on multiple levels. In other words, it was time to go back to school.

"School's Out" is an all-time classic song from the rock genre, but what really makes it go is the guitar riff from Michael Bruce and Glen Buxton. The way that the song grooves along conjures up that feeling of the last day of school, with everyone itching for summer vacation just around the corner. While the rhythm is a little tough for some players to get down at first, the actual notes are almost naive in their construction, as if it was written by musicians trying to amuse themselves in between classes.

More than just a rock song, "School's Out" has gone from being Alice Cooper's biggest hit to one of the most defining musical moments of the early 70's. The legendary status that has been heaped on this song over the years has led to Cooper calling himself the composer of the No School National Anthem.


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