20 Best Live Albums

There's just no atmosphere like it.


A live concert atmosphere cannot be beaten; the sense of anticipation, the combined joy felt by thousands of like-minded fans, and seeing your favourite artist in the flesh doing what they do best. But what about those who couldn't make it to that 'legendary gig'? Step forward, the live album.

Some of the greatest concerts of all time have been recorded, allowing them to build a legacy and be enjoyed for generations to come. What about those kids of today who want the full 60's experience? To be there when greats like Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles and so many other legendary bands were in their hey-day? 

That is what the live album does, taking a single moment in time and making it last forever. Some of the greatest records of all time are created live, as they capture certain iconic performances that then went on to change the music industry.

There are a countless number of live albums to pick from, and the debate as to which is the best will be always be ongoing, but there are those live records that, no matter what, everyone can agree shows a band's true status as legends.

All that said - and with you already thinking of your favourites - which are considered the best of the best? 


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