20 Country Albums Every Rock Fan Should Listen To

When Rock Gets a Twang.


Country music tends to be a vulgar term in the world of rock and roll. Even though plenty of artists like to consider themselves eclectic fans of music, there tends to be something about country music that tends to get under even the most well-rounded people's skin. Even though tons of artists treat country like a scurge on society, there is some genuinely great material in the scene if you really look for it.

As opposed to the more homespun songs about life at home on a ranch, a lot of artists have come through with albums that hold on to that rock ethos while rocking an acoustic guitar in their hands. Long before the rock star was even a thought in the minds of youngsters, these songs transport you to a time back when there were only the outlaws of the country world, who were as into gunslinging as they were guitar playing.

Even though plenty of true country artists have succeeded on rock's terms, the best instances are when the rock musicians make a shift into the rustic side of the music spectrum and actually make it work. While many will think of rock as the rightful retort to country music, albums like these prove that the genres are one in the same.

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