20 Greatest Punk Albums Ever Made

Never Mind The B*llocks, here's the best punk albums...


Although punk's days as a tidal wave mainstream entity have long come and gone, it has remained as an influential genre within music. Original pioneers of punk such as the Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Clash all hold staggering legacies to this very day. On top of this, some modern names such as Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, IDLES and Slaves are all slowly emerging from the underground.

Over the decades since its initial conception in the 70's, punk has slowly splintered in a number of sub-genres that prioritise different aspects of punk. Ska punk highlights the cheery, energetic aspects of punk, while hardcore punk moves the scales the complete opposite direction with its grinding, brutal and devastating aggression.

Through all these variations and changes, the umbrella of punk now encases hundreds, maybe even thousands of albums. This article will embark on the near impossible task of narrowing down these countless albums, to just 20 of the greatest records ever to appear under the enduring label of 'punk rock'. A list of honourable mentions are also included at the end.


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