20 Greatest Rock And Metal Debut Albums Of All Time

Some bands hit the ground running and take off at supersonic speeds, but who is the king of dropping the most jaws first time around?

Everyone loves a debut and that undeniable thrill of discovering your new favourite rock or metal band during their infancy. An album bursting with ideas, invention and youthful exuberance with songs distilled to their purest essence by months, possibly years of playing them live on the circuit and the chance to hone each one to perfection. A debut can often be the greatest album a band ever produces simply because they were given the time and freedom to write and edit their songs properly; no label pressure over release dates and pandering to current trends, and no pressure of fan expectation bearing down on them - only the goal being to make the greatest album they could at the time and hope the world was paying attention. This list is full of such albums, albums that on their release grabbed the world by the balls and squeezed very, very hard. They had your attention, to put it more succinctly. Now to the all important criteria. To whittle down a list of many to just 20 albums the following checklist was adopted: Has the album either defined or invented a genre? Been the best that band ever produced? (Hindsight plays a vital part) or, Does it simply play like a band's greatest hits record? If an album ticked any one of these boxes it was in for a shout, with the remainder inevitably coming down to personal taste of course. Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below if you feel your favourite has been neglected then let us know in the comments and let's get some dialogue going! Pretend you're listening to these albums again for the first time and remember just how game-changing and jaw-droopingly awesome they were and still are. So, debuting at number 20 we have...
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