20 Landmark Songs Of The 80s

From Prince to The Smiths, the 80s is still revered as one of the most important in music history.

With pop music having been constructed in the 60s then reconstructed in the 70€™s, where did that leave music in the 80€™s? Well, on the edge of a precipice, commercialism was suddenly the new ideal and as a result music was splintered into a battle between shiny and gritty pop; it was a time to choose sides. Nonetheless, the archetypal 80€™s song was a shiny pop tune, the impact of video changed the perception of a pop single and as such for the first time a song had to look as good as it sounded, if not better. This lead to a change in pop aesthetics and musicians were also compelled to be actors, albeit playing lovelorn miserabilists or sexual predators. This certainly wasn't €˜A hard day€™s night€™. There was a movement in mainstream pop music from nihilism to self-obsession and hedonism. The 80€™s mirrored the cultural movements of the time.The yuppie-fication that was happening in the job market was also seen in the music scene and for perhaps the first time the advent of musical careerists was a fact of pop life. Not to mention the amount of soap opera stars who started releasing spectacularly terrible singles, though there€™s an exception to every rule, which is a tale for another time. The cult of the personality of the superstar also took place, with a not-so-subtle shift away from the idea of the band as the gang, ranging from the sublime - such as Prince and Madonna - to the ridiculous; Billy Idol and Vanilla Ice anyone? Artists were increasingly looking at branding and marketing to see where they would fit in the puzzle and how they could make as much money as possible. As a result production values changed, in the mainstream innovation was less important and the slickness of the records to a large extent created a sense of blandness. Where the innovators of the 70€™s used synthesisers as the means to create new sounds and ways of telling stories, in the 80€™s, for many, they were a cost effective method of not having to pay for the manpower of musicians. But this isn€™t a tale of despair and mediocrity, the decade pumped out song after song and many of them were magical. Here we€™ll explore artists who either flicked two fingers at the 80€™s and had their heads firmly in the past or the future and sounded devastating, as well as those who were proud to show that commercial pop isn€™t something to be sneered at. As per usual, there is one song per artist and here begins the debate...
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