20 Most Controversial Songs Of All Time

Try not to be too offended.

You've got to love pop music: murder, racism, nazism, bestiality, sex, drugs, and religion are just a few of the controversial subjects that famous (and infamous) recording artists have turned their hands to over the years in the name of their art. As we all know, sex, drugs and rock €˜n€™ roll makes the world go round and yet music remains a source of controversial content within modern society. It's almost shocking how shocked the general public can get at such songs, but then things have rather escalated in the past few decades. Since Elvis first shamelessly thrust his hips in the face of shocked housewives around the world, attempts have been made to censor or destroy music that has upset the moral majority. In some cases, it's been wholly justified, as acts sough controversy and offence consciously to boost their name or infamy, but sometimes the outrage is completely misplaced and over the top. Inevitably though, controversy courts attention and some of the worst offenders are also the most interesting to revisit...

20. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saUVi5r_-ZU Proof that any publicity is good publicity, when 'Relax' was first released in October 1983, Frankie Goes to Hollywood's debut single hovered at the edge of the top 40. That is until easily offended Radio 1 DJ Mike Read stepped in. Objecting to its racy artwork and provocative lyrics, Read outright refused to air the track during the Top 40 countdown. Admittedly, the song was hardly subtle in its evocation of homosexual activity, but why should that be a problem? Subsequently, the BBC banned the song from all radio and TV broadcasts gaining Frankie further valuable exposure. As is the way, the British public, who do not appreciate being told what they can and cant do, purchased the single in their millions. Relax then shot up the charts settling at No. 1 and staying there for five weeks. Mike Read and his morals should really have known when to keep quiet.
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