20 Most Important Hard Rock Albums Of All Time

The Albums That Made Time Stand Still.


Rock albums don't typically carry that much cultural significance. Being primarily a form of entertainment, these albums often emerge as something you can bang your head to before the next great record comes along. But every now and again, a record comes to the forefront that stops the clock.

What makes these albums important though? Well...there's no real set formula. Upon first glance, not many of these records go together under a single coherent theme other than being on the heavier side of the rock spectrum. However, each of these albums reflected a different shift in the musical landscape. Whether it was from the equipment being used or the radical change in style at play, these records were shocking in the best possible way when they were first released.

Even if these albums had great music inside of them, it's the audience who makes these records feel truly important. As time goes on, these records go from being the albums of the year to a major part of the rock vocabulary that'll inspire millions of potential rock stars to pick up instruments of their own. These records may not sound the same, but they have left an equally indelible mark on the genre as a whole.


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