25 Greatest Muse Songs Of All Time

15. Time Is Running Out

http://youtu.be/O2IuJPh6h_A The first chart-eligible single off 'Absolution' was one of Muse's catchiest finger-clicking moments. Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' is echoed in the bassline that propels the songs verses and cascading middle eight. This was the clearest single yet, back in 2003, that Muse were primed for the mainstream, and a first top ten hit proved to be just the start of the Devon trio's chart-bothering days. With crisper production than any Muse single before it, 'Time Is Running Out' was the ideal starting point for any budding fan. Sequenced right after 'Apocalypse Please' on 'Absolution', the song title was undoubtedly intended to fool listeners into expecting another end-of-the-world serenade. Not so - here, the topic was more universal and relatable - soul-sucking relationships.

14. Apocalypse Please

http://youtu.be/YFrl01aPPkA As album openers go, there are few more ominous. 'Absolution' was an album filled to the brim with the fire and brimstone promised by this initial salvo of crashing classical piano chords and choral backing vocals. An opening lyric such as this is a fine way to start any album -
"Declare this an emergency / Come on and spread a sense of urgency."
Muse certainly did just that on 'Absolution', and this song even made the top ten of the UK's first ever download chart, fitting for the futuristic nature of Muse's music. The arpeggiated synths that were a feature of 'Origin' were by now stepped up a notch rhythmically, and this was really starting to sound like a band ready to take on the world, before it ended.
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