25 Greatest Opening Lyrics Of All Time

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A great opening lyric is like making a great first impression with someone special. You say the right words and they'll love you forever. (whereas a bad opening lyric is like meeting for the first time with bad breath and your flies open). Great lyrics can be many things, they can incite and inspire, they can pull you gently in or grab you by the balls or sometimes they just sound pretty cool. Brush your teeth, check your flies and get comfy...

25. "Son, I'm Thirty/I Only Went With Your Mother 'Cause She's Dirty" Artist: Happy Mondays Song: Kinky Afro (1990) The Monday's second single from their third album, Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches, hit number one in the U.S. Billboard Rock Chart and number five in the UK. It will come as no surprise that with lyrics like that the Mondays Front man Shaun Ryder has previously been voted Dad of the year...

24. "I Need To Be Myself" Artist: Oasis Song: Supersonic (1994) The Brothers Grimm (sorry, Gallagher) told the world everything they needed to know about Oasis in the first line from their first ever single. Love them or hate them, they have never changed who they are. This single only hit number 31 in the UK upon release but has since amassed sales of over 215,000 units to become their 13th biggest single in the UK.

23. "Straight Outta Compton, Crazy Motherf*cker Named Ice Cube From The Gang, Called N*ggarz With Attitude" Artist: N.W.A. Song: Straight Outta Compton (1988) The lead single from N.W.A's debut album of the same name, this lyric helped give birth to a whole new sub-genre of music and the rap game has never been the same since. The lyrics contained social commentary which was unique in the new gangsta rap genre as they expressed themselves to their full capabilities (after living in correctional facilities)... and they also rapped a fair bit about drugs and crime.
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