25 Greatest Opening Lyrics Of All Time

19. "See The Stone Set In Your Eyes/See The Thorn Twist In Your Side" Artist: U2 Song: With Or Without You (1987) This song was U2's first number one ever in the U.S and their most successful single at that time, taken from (arguably) their best album The Joshua Tree. If you believe TV and movies then playing this song to your partner can get you out of the doghouse after you've misbehaved too so it's possible the lyrics are magical... or that TV and movies lie.

18. "Load On Guns/Bring Your Friends/It's Fun To Lose And To Pretend" Artist: Nirvana Song: Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991) In an attempt to write a Pixies-style song, Kurt Cobain penned this, the opening track and first single from their seminal album Nevermind. The opening lyric defines everything Nirvana were to stand for (unfortunately regarding the opening words...) and it became an anthem for the kids of Generation X.

17. "She's A Very Kinky Girl" Artist: Rick James Song: Superfreak (1981) In 1993, 12 years after Superfreak had brought Rick James mainstream success (Superfreak sold over three million copies) he was arrested and accused of holding a woman hostage for six days and forcing her to perform sex acts on him... well they do they say write about what you know.
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