36 Comic Book Artists Who Created Famous Album Covers

Korn Follow The Leader What helps make an album great? The album cover, and who better than comic book artists to draw/design the cover to your record for you? Professionals who draw the fantastic, the magical and the bizarre every day lending their skills and imagination to an album of weird and imaginative music, are exactly the sort of people musicians need to help draw in (no pun intended) listeners to their record. And comic book artists have been doing just that for decades, creating some amazing album artwork for some of the greatest music legends over the years. Here are 36 comic book artists who've created famous album covers...

36. Jack Kirby/Joe Satriani's Surfing With The Alien

Surfing With Alien Joe Satriani's 1987 record was infused with the power cosmic as Galactus' herald, the Silver Surfer, graced the cover, drawn by comics legend, Jack Kirby.

35. Jaime Hernandez/Indigo Girls' All That We Let In

Jaime Hernandez Indigo Girls All That We Let In One half of the Love and Rockets team, Jaime, drawing what he draws best: women.

Jaime Hernandez/Los Lobos' The Town And The City

Town And The City Los Lobos Jaime Hernandez also drew the cover to the critically acclaimed 2006 record The Town and the City by Los Lobos.

34. Gilbert Hernandez/Throwing Muse's Limbo

Throwing Muse Limbo The other half of the Love and Rockets team, Gilbert, drawing what he draws best: haunted figures.

33. Tony Millionaire/Elvis Costello's National Ransom

Elvis Costello National Ransom Tony Millionaire's (what a great name!) illuminati-inspired cover for Elvis Costello's 2010 record.

32. Phil Jimenez/Kula Shaker's Summer Sun EP

Summer Sun Kula Shaker The Invisibles artist Phil Jimenez shows why he was chosen by Grant Morrison to draw his surreal comic with this eye-catching and bizarre cover.

31. Ethan Van Sciver/Winger's IV

Winger Iv Artist of The Flash and Batman draws this ultra-cool cover for Winger's record IV.

30. Howard Chaykin/The Hood's Cooler Than Thou

The Hood Cooler Than Thou '80s chic with American Flagg!'s Howard Chaykin.

29. Kaare Andrews/The Beta Band's Heroes to Zeroes

Beta Band Heroes Zeroes The Spider-Man and X-Men artist draws this great superhero-inspired cover.

28. Sam Kieth/Groovie Ghoulie's Running With Bigfoot

Running With Bigfoot The artist of The Maxx is a well suited choice for this funny, odd band's music.

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