5 Best Pop Singers In The World Today

Taylor-Swift-600x300 Pop music has been the most listened music of this generation, as you find teenagers everywhere - bobbling their heads and singing along to the newest hits dominating the charts. However, creating pop music isn't as easy as it seems. For the creation of a pop song, one first needs to choose a moment in one's life that is easily relatable to many others, and then finding the right words and notes becomes tough to do, however, there are over a hundred pop singers in the entire world, but in this list, the top five pop singers of 2012 are mentioned. These five singers have worked extremely hard to create a fan base for themselves, and work on it. By creating many albums and songs, not only do these singers give their fans something to work on; they give their fans a new life by the new songs. Pop music can be listened to by anyone. Pop music is a slow and melodious form of music, where you can relax while listening to the refreshing songs sang by mega pop stars. Pop has been a genre of music since the olden times, and most of the nursery rhymes are based on pop. Therefore, the following are the five best pop singers of 2012; who have worked so hard to do something successful in the music industry.

5. Flo Rida

Flo-Rida A multt-talented rapper-cum-pop star, Flo Rida is definitely one of the best pop stars in the world. Flo Rida has the capability to rap, yet, he is also one of the best pop singers in the world. Flo Rida, originally from Florida, is a strong and talented man who fears no one. Flo Rida has created a niche for himself as a musician who is multi-talented: he can sing, he can dance and he can rap. Flo Rida has performed at many shows and live concerts, and it was beautiful to watch him perform. I, for one, have seen him perform at WrestleMania XXVIII, and it felt majestic. While it was a short performance, however, seeing the crowd pump up and down in joy made me smile and appreciate what Flo Rida brings to the table. Flo Rida is one of the most entertaining musicians of all time, and if you don't believe me, then you should watch him live or listen to his songs. Flo Rida barely cracks my list of being the best pop singer, due to his value in the music industry, and his songs. Whistle, Wild Ones and many others have been wonderful songs which have made Flo Rida famous, and thus Flo Rida is the fifth best pop singer, in my opinion.

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