5 Best Songs For Open Mic Nights

A departure from the "Wonderwalls" of the world.


It's a hard life out there on the open mic circuit in terms of song selection. Your job consists of toeing the line of playing songs that you like while pleasing the crowd with singalongs. Some of the unlucky few even get the common heckles to play "Good Riddance" and "FreeBird" for the 300th time. It's not an easy balance all the time.

But every now and again there comes a song that fits perfectly into both camps. These songs are the undiscovered gems that can be latched onto quickly and inspire impromptu singalongs from the crowd even if they don't know the words. Even when not inspiring patrons to lend a hand with their drunken renditions, the songs on this list also capture the listener's attention by offering up scenic stories and poignant emotional sentiments while still staying musically grounded.

These tracks are true works of art from a songwriting perspective. The old saying goes that a song is legendary if it has the same effect on the listener if it were just played on an acoustic guitar or piano, and these tunes are more than up to that challenge.

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