5 Mediocre Albums By Great Bands

Musical champions dropping the ball.

DGC Records

No band is perfect. While many bands have a track record of putting out exceptional records, each band tends to have peaks and valleys in their discography. Even some legendary bands have been known to release albums that were miles below their usual standard.

That being said, these albums can more often than not be learning experiences for the bands that make them. Maybe it's a bold new direction that just didn't work out, or it may have been the songs were lagged by shoddy production work. Either way, these albums show that bands we know and love are indeed fallible.

Does that make every album on this list repulsively terrible? Well...not exactly. There may be some half-decent tunes, but the execution of them may not have panned out the way the artist intended. Some songs on these albums are great moments in the band's career, but they stand as moments on the record rather than an amazing album experience.

Whether you love them, hate them, or are just indifferent, these artists can certainly do better than what these albums gave us.

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