5 Most Inventive Rock Bassists

The masters of low end.

Marilia Ogayar/AP

Bass players tend to always be the dark horse in any band. The adulation is normally saved for the guitar player or the frontman while the bassist stands to the side and fills out the sound. However, there is always that rare breed of bass player that does more than just pull their weight.

While there have been many progressive bass players over the years (Les Claypool, John Myung et al), the rock bassists on this list have been incredibly inventive as they incorporated their trademark bottom end to some of rock's most classic songs.

Whether it be through stellar bass lines or through their all-around approach to the instrument, these players have certainly made the most of the four-string.

While the list is kept at 5, I would be a fool to not give an honorable mention to John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, whose concise fretwork and keyboard flourishes took each Zeppelin tune to new heights.

Nevertheless, here are a collection of bass players that were able to take their understated role in the band to the forefront of every song they played.


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