5 Times Bob Dylan Trolled His Fans

"Don't criticize what you can't understand".

You don't get to become the most influential, iconic, ultimately greatest recording artist of all time without p*ssing a few people off along the way, and Bob Dylan has probably p*issed more people off - trolled his fan-base, as it were - than any other. Still going well into his fifth decade as a musician, Dylan has confounded expectations for years, adamantly not caring whom he annoys or loses to his new musical - and sometimes commercial - direction. But then, the man behind some of the greatest, most important music ever made has license to do what he wants, pretty much, and it's testament to Dylan's artistic instinct that his choices are usually heralded further down the line - though as we'll see, not always. It's takes a genius to be able to shift and change-up your direction as much as Dylan has and still remain relevant, but that's exactly what he's done, and his legacy as probably the greatest to ever do it (and certainly the greatest songwriter to ever do it) remains intact. Here's five times he challenged you to challenge that legacy, five times Bob Dylan truly trolled his fan-base...

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