50 Definitive Beastie Boys Songs

One of the most successful hip-hop groups of all time, here are 50 reasons why.

If someone was to tell you in the early 80€s when rap was still in its infancy, that three Jewish white kids from the boroughs of New York City would go on to become the most successful hip-hop group in history, you would think they were crazy. However, Michael €œMike D€ Diamond, Adam €œMCA€ Yauch and Adam €œAd-Rock€ Horovitz would go on to defy racial barriers and captivate a world wide audience. In a career that spanned three decades, the Beastie Boys went through quite the evolution, growing from a hardcore punk band, to party boy rappers on €œLicensed to Ill€, to mature, sampling extraordinaires on €œPaul€™s Boutique€, to bringing fuzzed out funk jams on €œCheck Your Head€ and €œIll Communication€, to the exotically weird yet captivating €œHello Nasty€, to the futuristic beats of €œTo the 5 Boroughs€ and finally to the familiar but fresh €Hot Sauce Committee Part II€. This expansive discography doesn€™t even include their numerous E.P.s and compilations. For those that truly have a grasp on the Beastie€™s expansive discography, trying to pick a favorite song is like trying to pick your favorite child. It€™s impossible. This list was compiled to show how great the Beastie Boys truly are and that there is more to them than just the song €œFight For Your Right€. The fact that they can play their own instruments and are influenced by literally every genre of music is evident in their recordings, whether its through an obscure sample or an extended instrumental jam. So without further delay, let's let this list "Mmm DROPP"

50. (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBShN8qT4lk Lets get this one out of the way, only because this is usually the first song people think of when you say "Beastie Boys". That's fine because it's a fun song and everything, but it shouldn't be the song that defines them. There is a reason they barely performed it live after their first tour. It's suppose to be ironic and makes fun of everything that people associate the song with. Regardless, it is still a classic that can be heard everywhere. Stand out line: "Your pop caught you smoking, and he said, 'No way!'/That hypocrite smokes two packs a day"

49. Do It

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g5ezrpdbmg Now here's a song you probably don't know, but you should. Off of 1994's Ill Communication, it has references about everything from druids to Billy Joel. With a basic beat and funky guitar and not to forget, it also features Biz Markie, and if that doesn't make you want to listen to a song then I don't know what would. Stand out line : "You see me comin' down the block with the funky cuts/ You say 'Hey, Mike D' and I say 'Mic these nuts' "

48. B For My Name

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yk0w3OQC8s The lead off track on their all instrumental album, The Mix-Up has the Beastie's musical skills on full display. MCA slaps a thumping bassline, Mike D keeps time with a funky drum beat and Ad-Rock brings it with his wah pedal. It also features reoccurring percussionist Alfredo Ortiz and keyboardist Money Mark (who'll you'll be hearing a lot of on this list).

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