6 Biggest Beatles Mysteries

Paul isn't dead. But there's still a lot we don't know about the fab four.


In the space of just ten years, The Beatles would revolutionise music in a manner which is likely never to be repeated on the same scale. John, Paul, George, and Ringo would go from a group of local musicians trying to make their name around Merseyside into internationally renowned superstars regularly mobbed by adoring fans.

Even 50 years after the fab four went their separate ways, the indelible impact on popular music continues to be seen to this day. Their role in the shaping of popular culture has been discussed extensively, and the group are still the highest-selling artists of all time with nearly 280,000,000 sales worldwide.

During peak Beatlemania, and even in the years that followed, the group attracted a legion of adoring fans who have investigated and analysed even the minutiae of their activities extensively. Moreso than any other band in history, The Beatles have been chronicled to a point where fansites can tell you what they were doing on almost any given day during their time together.

Which is why you might find it surprising that despite the sleuthing of superfans the world over, several mysteries about The Beatles, and those around them, have gone unsolved in the years since the group's breakup.

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