7 Musicians Who Predicted Their Own Death In Lyrics

3. Roderick Anthony Burton (Dolla)

Lyrics That Predicted His Death:
My poppa died by the gun I died by the gun... Every breath I breathe and every step I take The clock ticking bring me closer to faith Poppa died at 25 so he must've been great They say the good die young, I must be on my way - Georgia Nights

How He Died: While in Los Angeles to record his debut album, Burton, known under the monicker Dolla, was shot several times outside of the Beverly Center shopping mall. It's not unheard of for rappers to write about facing their own mortality, especially if they grew up in a rough, violent neighborhood.

But it's a little ominous to sense that he would die so young. It's even more ominous that he raps about death fast approaching ("the clock ticking") and is subsequently gunned down only days after recording the track.

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