7 Rock Legends Who Really Have No Business Still Being Alive

We'll be honest, some of these guys we didn't even realise were still alive, let alone performing...

Age 65 sure isn't what it used to be. Not too long ago, it was the age when you were expected to stop working, join a bridge club, eat dinner at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, wear socks with sandals, and politely sit around waiting to pass on. Today of course, that's all changed. Far from being at the threshold of geriatric decrepitude, your modern 65-year-old is typically no less active and vibrant than they were at 55 or 45. We have a lot of factors to thank for our ever-increasing average lifespans, not least of which are advances in medical science and an increasing propensity for healthier living habits. Which brings us to rockstars. It goes without saying that these tend to be people for whom "healthier living" is a decidedly relative term (e.g. "I had beer for breakfast instead of vodka! I'm living healthily!"). It is, after all, a profession whose distinguishing attributes include the well-documented tendency of its members to die, almost invariably of causes related to hedonism and debauchery, at the age of 27. Ergo, it is no exaggeration to say that when one leads the lifestyle of a rockstar, surviving to retirement age is an altogether more improbable and auspicious achievement. And so, in ascending order of seniority, we now present the seven over-65 rock legends who have the least business still being alive.
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