7 Songs That Foreshadowed Awful Events

6. Amy Winehouse - Rehab

Perhaps one of the most infamous cases of self-destruction in music history, Amy Winehouse’s rise and fall was a truly devastating series of events to witness for fans. Winehouse enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame almost as soon as she arrived on the scene in 2003 through her debut album, ‘Frank’, which received near universal appraisal across the board. As was the case with so many others who came before her though, the fame was too much too soon.

Throughout her career, Winehouse was plagued by personal battles including family struggles and addiction. Winehouse’s husband was imprisoned in 2009 for GBH and she was worked tirelessly by a rigorous touring schedule, while the relationship with her parents became somewhat estranged as she continued to spiral into alcohol and drug use. In 2008, she was nearly dropped from Island Records due to the extreme nature of her drug abuse, despite winning five Grammy awards in the same year.

However, the peak of the chronic tale first came in 2006 when Amy Winehouse released the hit single ‘Rehab’, detailing her refusal to enter rehab to treat her substance abuse. Five years later, the sad ending to this story arrived, when Winehouse tragically died of alcohol poisoning aged just 27.


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